Get high graded Cloud Hosted PBX service!

In this professional world it is very important that you make your business professionals too with installation of high quality products and services.

Workine5ca08_c2aeef594e174debb4ce6a1fc6cfe2a3g on computers without any backup can be a very big risk for your profession and business. If you are investing so much on your business, infrastructure and appliances then why not on the software that can give you get the backup for all you files and folder and the long term data. Moreover a high brand service also helps you acquire unified communication features for your home, office and other places.

As our business was expanding we were in very much need of a secure cloud that could help us keep all the data safe and secure and we could open it whenever we want without any hassle. So we started our search for the finest center that could help us meet our requirements and further help us with a secure network system. One of our friends told us about ‘CloudPBX4U’, the finest site that offers absolute management and communication service at the rate that is very reasonable.

Their cloud service helps you to put everything in it and thus reduce your IT and network team to manage the data. With Yealink the Cloud Hosted PBX, you will get a highly reliable, enterprise-class PBX services that too without the enterprise cost. Their future proof service will make all your work easy and will reduce capital expenses, maintenance and equipment costs.

Their in-depth service will not allow you to worry about upgrades, as they handle everything from start till end. You can also listen to the welcome pro message and the hotel fusion message from their website as a demo of their great work. Their wide ranges of different type of IP Phone/ VoIP Phones suited best to our business requirements, and thus we would love to recommend their service.


The best office phone that you can have

polycomAre you in search of the best phone that you can have for your office? If you are then it is best that you have polycom phones. You may be thinking why to have such a phone for office usage. As you read through you will be able to understand why you should have such a phone.

The features that make it stand out

The features of Yealink make it stand out from other such varieties of the phone.

  • It is simple to use: Though it has all the modern features integrated into it, it is the simplest phone that you can have for your office. No one will face any nature of a problem and face any complication while using it.
  • HD voice clarity: It is good to have a phone which has good sound quality. If you have this nature of phone then you can be sure that you will be having HD voice clarity. In the noise atmosphere which may be there in your office, no one will face any problem in listening to the call that is made. The receiver will also be able to listen to the words said clearly. So, it can be said that it will be the most preferred means of communication in your office.
  • Efficient customer support: You can expect to have the most efficient customer support when you buy phones from It is an electronic product so problems may happen. If you have any problem then you can directly call the customer support desk and they will be happy to resolve the issues that you are facing.

You can now definitely see for yourself how beneficial it is to have such a phone for your office. If you wish to have such a phone at a cost-effective price then you need to be at

What Do You Expect To Explore On The Android IP Voice Hone From Grandstream?


Grand streamDo you want to experience a remodeled desktop version?

If yes, then a dedicated Voice IP phone clubbed with Android is ready to share a new experience.

The robust voice IP phone is all designed to offer both audio and video interaction at the same time. The top notch IP video phones provide dual flexibility. That means, it works like a tablet simultaneously lets you access web as well. Hence to reap the benefits of the high-end multi media service you need to decode its features.

Offer amazing experience to workers:

The revolutionary Voice IP phone from the Grandstream highly updates workers about the latest work prospects. Its superb quality brawny voice enhances all sorts of business related communication.

Keeps up communication among workers:

A running business requires uninterrupted interaction among co staffs. In that context, the splendid six line featured Yealink IP phone offers touch screen extending to 4.3 inches. Both clients and co staffs can make ultimate use of any of Android apps like Google hangout or Skype. Additionally, they can communicate to update themselves through any video communicating mediums.

Availability to Google Play store:

Indeed, Voice IP phone is one of the superlative conveniences that is in store for users. Unambiguously users can have unabridged entry to any of the android apps and Google play store. To their relief, they can even access to major business apps like Go To meeting and Sales Force 1.

Unhindered Bluetooth pairing:

The Voice IP phone from Yealink offers the unified platform for Bluetooth pairing between mobile gadgets and headphones. This enables user to have unlimited means of approach to the Wi-Fi network, transfer any call, access calendar, etc.

Who can promise you to offer such impeccable service?

It is time to know about the cutting edge Voice IP phone coupled with video conferencing. A unique site can enlighten you with the given information on the said service.