Get high graded Cloud Hosted PBX service!

In this professional world it is very important that you make your business professionals too with installation of high quality products and services.

Workine5ca08_c2aeef594e174debb4ce6a1fc6cfe2a3g on computers without any backup can be a very big risk for your profession and business. If you are investing so much on your business, infrastructure and appliances then why not on the software that can give you get the backup for all you files and folder and the long term data. Moreover a high brand service also helps you acquire unified communication features for your home, office and other places.

As our business was expanding we were in very much need of a secure cloud that could help us keep all the data safe and secure and we could open it whenever we want without any hassle. So we started our search for the finest center that could help us meet our requirements and further help us with a secure network system. One of our friends told us about ‘CloudPBX4U’, the finest site that offers absolute management and communication service at the rate that is very reasonable.

Their cloud service helps you to put everything in it and thus reduce your IT and network team to manage the data. With Yealink the Cloud Hosted PBX, you will get a highly reliable, enterprise-class PBX services that too without the enterprise cost. Their future proof service will make all your work easy and will reduce capital expenses, maintenance and equipment costs.

Their in-depth service will not allow you to worry about upgrades, as they handle everything from start till end. You can also listen to the welcome pro message and the hotel fusion message from their website as a demo of their great work. Their wide ranges of different type of IP Phone/ VoIP Phones suited best to our business requirements, and thus we would love to recommend their service.


Use IP-phone for Business and Pay as Per Your Requirement Only

IP phones

Today, the tech space has attained a great height. Many things are made possible which could not be thought even two decades ago. It has opened a space for innovation and there is a lot of research and development work going in the field of technology. Communication is an integral part of the tech world. The world today is heavily dependent on the communication technologies. And no doubt, human life has become a lot easier by using the latest communication techniques. IP phones have recently marked their presence in the market with the latest technology embedded in it. They use voice-over internet protocol for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the internet. In the process, use of traditional public switched telephone network is removed.

IP-phone – for an optimum business solution

You can cut down the cost of your company by making use of these phones in the following ways:

  • Traditional costly switchboards were used to route calls to the right company or person. Virtual PBX (private branch exchange) is used for this purpose. You get all the services served at a lower cost.
  • This also means that the extra hardware components required for switching are minimized.
  • One to eight hundred extensions can be joined as you can pay for what you need. Also, all calls from extension to extension are made free.
  • Also, you can opt for business hours. This will enable your service in a particular time and will be stopped at other times. This will also reduce service cost.

Order your IP phone for the smooth functioning of your business

With the added advantages that these phones come with, they are heavily in demand nowadays. There are many sites selling you these phones. You can choose your own plan and pay for the services you use.

Make your network strong with VoIP Technology!

VoipOne of the major requirements for a successful business is a well-connected network and a good network means a good reliable phone access. Technology gets updated every day and a lot of work is done on networked computers, phones or any other devices. Phones are very important for day to day communications and conveying of messages. Earlier, phone systems are quite expensive by now, everything has changed.

However, voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP offers phone technology using the internet connections. There area number of service providers, but here are the top five things to consider when choosing a New IP Phone system:

  • Hosting option: A person has two options when choosing an IP phone. The first one is Cloud Hosted VoIP and the other one is ON-Premises hosted VoIP but most probably, you will choose the cloud-hosted VoIP as the provider host of the IP on your behalf.
  • Network Infrastructure: A proper infrastructure with a knowledgeable person is required for maintaining the network. In earlier days, you may feel some problems after shifting to IP phones.
  • Understand pricing for cloud VoIP: Telecom charges are based on per line. The prices are charged on the basis of endpoints. It can differ for the different service provider.
  • Never face a non-existent of lines: Sometimes, fast decision making or contacting is important in business. So, IP phones make sure that calls get answered at the time as call forwarding or call waiting are the features of the phones.
  • Don’t skimp on cabling: the infrastructure cable should be well updated. You have to invest in Cat5e or better lines, so you don’t regret afterwards.

There are many advantages of IP phone with VoIP. So if you are looking it for your business here is the link which can provide you with some great phone services.

The best office phone that you can have

polycomAre you in search of the best phone that you can have for your office? If you are then it is best that you have polycom phones. You may be thinking why to have such a phone for office usage. As you read through you will be able to understand why you should have such a phone.

The features that make it stand out

The features of Yealink make it stand out from other such varieties of the phone.

  • It is simple to use: Though it has all the modern features integrated into it, it is the simplest phone that you can have for your office. No one will face any nature of a problem and face any complication while using it.
  • HD voice clarity: It is good to have a phone which has good sound quality. If you have this nature of phone then you can be sure that you will be having HD voice clarity. In the noise atmosphere which may be there in your office, no one will face any problem in listening to the call that is made. The receiver will also be able to listen to the words said clearly. So, it can be said that it will be the most preferred means of communication in your office.
  • Efficient customer support: You can expect to have the most efficient customer support when you buy phones from It is an electronic product so problems may happen. If you have any problem then you can directly call the customer support desk and they will be happy to resolve the issues that you are facing.

You can now definitely see for yourself how beneficial it is to have such a phone for your office. If you wish to have such a phone at a cost-effective price then you need to be at

Now Have A Good Communication In Your Office With The Latest Technology!

IP-PBXA PBX System (Private Branch Exchange System) is a technology that allows you to connect internal users to one other and to an outside PSTN telephone line. The technology is mostly used in the big organizations where time to time communication is important as this system eases the communication process and removes all the communication barriers, so it leads to decrease in communication expense.

Technology is updating each and every day. In the case of PBX, there are new trends of IP-PBX which uses Internet Protocol or VoIP technology. This new update enables more features, scalable and affordable. These systems can be availed in two delivery formats; on premise or cloud.

What are the differences between on premise and hosted (cloud)?

If you are running a large company, go for on premise option. It allows more features and home access of software which may be required in larger companies to control well. This will cost, higher if compared to hosted option. Hosted can be a good option for smaller companies. There is one another option of Hybrid VoIP which is basically a combination of the two previous options. Thus, it is the most balanced one.

There are many benefits of using this system:

  • Easy to Install: An IP-PBX system is very easy to install. It runs on all the common operating systems. It just requires a network access and can be installed on any computer. Set up your office phone very easily.
  • Eliminate Phone Wiring: the software eliminates all the unrequited wiring and create a wireless network. You can move around without the worrying about the reach of the wire.
  • Time & Cost Saver: this software surely saves your time and money. Eliminate expenses on communication sources and reduce barriers which save the time.

If you are confused about where to buy this system, here is a link that can help you. It offers good quality system in very reasonable price.

Is Multi Line SIP beneficial for your organization?

Multi Line SIP

Obviously today we hear so many new networking mediums and terms for which some we have to Google to understand technology and their benefits. However, SIP is one very commonly used networking term which stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In simple words, it helps in situations when a phone company delivers special telephony services over a medium of wire also known as “TRUNK”. This kind of trunk connects the business private branch exchange to a PSTN which stands for Public Switched Telephone Network.  Hence the business gets the phone service through the help of actual trunk hardware.

Why should you use SIP trunk?

In simple words, it replaces physical complex cables with telephone service over a data network. When it is a data network, we can consider it as a dedicated line, or a shared connection with a data service or even over Internet connectivity.

Let us put some light over advantages of Multi Line SIP!

  1. You can carry unlimited number of voice sessions over a single SIP trunk.
  2. When it is SIP Nec, it can deliver many of the unified communications services like chat services, presence noting, conferencing possibility, sharing applications etc.
  3. You don’t have to invest much in on-location hardware and software. In fact, connectivity is done within the IP telephony service provider’s network.
  4. It is cost effective and saves a lot of recurring expenses.
  5. Bandwidth has better utilization.
  6. Up-time is more than traditional systems.

If you are also looking for one such Multi Line SIP setup, then the best way is to contact They are one stop solution providers in this arena. What best technology will suit your business style and methodology will be assessed and hence solution will be designed by them.

To grow and move ahead, you need to think modern. SIP is one such step!

IP Phone Box for A Cost Effective Solution For Small Business

e5ca08_80dd399bb5384f1b8fe360bd57d8e07aWhen you are running a small organization, then there arises a need, to be connected with all of your employees in order to provide directions and orders for the task in hand.

Considering the installation of IP-PBX can really act as a brilliant idea for both your pocket and business. It connects different telephones and works under VoIP (voice over internet protocol) which can switch over 1 to 100 different phone lines.

The concept of using an office phone has been running down the ages. It helps to connect different officials in any organization.

With the sudden increase in the number of organizations and companies over such a short span of time lots of opportunities are showing up. Installation of IP phone boxes is cheaper. It is cheaper and better than the traditional office connections.

The use of IP-PBX

An IP-PBX allows you to connect over with another user on call over the cloud. The connections are cheaper and pocket-friendly. The best part of it is that it allows you to connect over internet and calls both simultaneously. This means that if you have one of your offices in other country then you can connect over to them without any extra charges if that body is included in your plan. They are easy to use than the conventional office plans.

The main idea of this box is to provide owners of small organizations and companies with the conventional method of communication over both internet and phone calls at a pocket-friendly price. You can always pay in accordance with your requirements.

It provides you with a fast speed connection. You can get a better idea of things at You can always email us for further inquiries regarding the subject.